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Orthotics and Insoles

Here at The Foot Clinic, we offer a full biomechanical (gait) analysis, if we suspect that your foot problems stem from either a foot posture or foot function imbalance. This is a service we can offer at any stage of life. If we observe significant issues in childhood, orthotics could help to prevent issues in later life.  

What is an Orthotic and how could this help me?

An Orthotic is an insole which can rebalance your foot and aid with your walking. Sometimes, a flat or over pronating foot can lead to arch, heel or knee pain. We would assess and measure the degree of imbalance, when we undertake the gait analysis, and incorporate these findings into our prescription. Orthotics can be simple i.e manufactured in house or bespoke. 
There are many varieties of insoles such as those you can buy over the counter, semi-bespoke (individual pre-fabricated insoles to which we can add your prescription) or fully bespoke insoles. With bespoke orthotics we scan your feet and download your prescription to the manufacturing laboratories at Edser. We can request any combination of factors to be accommodated and addressed with bespoke orthotics as these are tailor-made for your feet alone. If someone has a severe foot imbalance, we would suggest a higher degree of control. This could mean, for example, a deeper heel seat or a more rigid material in the foot plate of the orthotic. If someone needs fore-foot protection, we can also request accommodative padding to protect specific areas of the foot. 

With Edser we can also provide a prescription foot bed to fit into certain ‘Hotter Shoes’. We frequently recommend Hotter, as they generally produce deeper and wider fitting shoes. Also, most Hotter Shoes have an existing insole which can be removed to allow space for your prescription orthotic. 
Edser also produce ‘Flopthotics’, where your prescription is incorporated into the sole of their Flip-Flop devices so you can still have some degree of support in the summer. 

If you need more information on any of the above, please book an appointment at our Colchester Clinic on 01206 854300 or pop in for some information leaflets. 
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